Best Pre Workout Shake


MYPRE is without doubt the best pre-workout shake that lives up to the hype. With a Branch Chained Amino Acid profile of 4g per serving, combined with 400mg of caffeine, 4g of creatine Carnitine and 3g of beta alanine, plus a number of other minerals and vitamins, your energy levels will sky rocket to ensure your workouts are intense and impactful.

Formulated for men and women this product is easily mixed and should be consumed prior to your workout for an explosive impact.

Best Pre Workout For Pump

Impact Pump Blend

Often we find ourselves in the position when we are training late at night and having a high caffeine product will stop us from sleeping, therefore using Impact Pump Blend will ensure a quality workout without the negative caffeine side-effects. Impact Pump Blend is a unique, stimulant free pre-workout powder that incorporates a six layer ingredient matrix.

The amazing combo of Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L-Carnitine, Beta-Alanine, BCAAs, Creatine Monohydrate and Citrulline will ensure you hit the gym in fine form. Impact Pump Blend is available in 4 delicious flavours.

Best Pre Workout Meal

Chicken Jalfrezi

With a protein content of 30g this pre workout meal will give you a great lift before you hit the gym. The meal also has a combination of spices that will increase the thermogenic effects during your workout to help you burn excess calories.

This 300g meal, ready in 3 minutes, will enable you to feel nourished without taking on great numbers of fats and sugars. There is also a huge 9.3g of fiber per serving of this flavoursome meal.

Best Pre Workout Snack

Pulse Bar

With an impressive pre-workout combo of Taurine, Carnitine and Caffeine (100mg) this bar is an easy way in which to consume nutrients that will empower you to improve the performance of your workout.

Eating this bar around 30-45 minutes prior to working out is an ideal time to prepare you for training and boost your energy levels.

Best Pre Workout For Women

Active Women Pre Workout

Active Women Pre Workout contains specially selected products to limit excessive caffeine content yet still improve alertness, concentration and ultimately your workout. With a perfect blend of Coconut Water, Vitamin C, BCAAs and natural caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea Extract, this pre-workout is ideal for those who train in the evening.

Comes in four delicious flavours to give you your pre-gym kick.

Best Value Pre Workout

Pulse Gel

For amazing value, the PULSE:GEL is a great choice for a pre-workout supplement. With 1500mg of citrulline malate, 1000mg of taurine, 1500mg of beta alanine, 200mg of caffeine and 750mg of carnitine this product will not only improve focus but improve performance to ensure a top quality workout.

Suitable for anyone who is needing a quick intake of a pre-workout stimulant, taking PULSE:GEL around 15 minutes prior to working out is ample time to feel the full benefits of this amazing product.

Best Pre Workout Bar

Energy Bar

Often carbohydrates are not looked upon as the ideal nutrient pre workout due to the effects of sugars on the body and brain. However, if you are doing a sport where you will be expending a lot of energy over a period of time, this bar with a complex of carbohydrates readily available is great to use, even in the evening prior to a session.

With 39g of carbohydrates this bar will ensure glycogen stores are fuelled and ready to take part in any form of aerobic exercise.

Best Pre Workout Drink

Protein Mocha

The protein mocha is a delicious protein rich hot drink to take before your workout. Containing 15g of protein as well as 80mg of caffeine for that real coffee taste, you won’t be disappointed. The protein is sourced from two different types of casein powder, hydrolysate and micellar.

An ideal alternative drink for the morning to give you that much needed kick start or to give you an edge when preparing to work out, this will offer an improved mental focus.

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